Jack Reacher Movies

Just 2 Jack Reacher movies have been created:

  1. Jack Reacher (2013)
  2. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

It is unlikely there will be more because Lee Child is working on a Jack Reacher TV show instead.

Jack Reacher (2013)

Based on the book One Shot.


I thought it was great. I’ve seen it 3 times now.

Sure, casting Tom Cruise was a bit strange and he didn’t fit our mental image of Jack Reachers hulking frame but his superb acting makes up for it.

Lee Child himself said “With another actor you might get 100% of the height but only 90% of Reacher. With Tom, you’ll get 100% of Reacher with 90% of the height.”

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

Based on the book by the same title.

In theatres: 21 October 2016.


Will Tom Cruise Always Be Jack Reacher?

I heard a rumour that Tom Cruise owns the rights to all the Jack Reacher movies. If it’s true, that could be why he’s in them – because he has the decision making power to cast himself!

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  1. I thought it did a credible job of giving us Reacher’s character, the clothes change & disposal, the memory of numbers (rifle serial), and the group fight. My favorite line was Reacher’s to the guy in the bar about paying his tab first because later “you won’t be able to.” That fight scene and his description of what the challengers will likely do is exactly how I expect Reacher to act.

  2. The movie was great on it’s own and is what got me into the Reacher books. Tom Cruise is great at exuding the confidence that Reacher has. Unfortunately, after reading the books, I wish they picked an actor to match Reacher’s size. Cruise can never duplicate some of the fight scenes in the book, he’s just not big enough.

    1. I agree 100%. A big part of the character is a big, badass guy. Cruise is a guy bouncing around on Oprah’s couch looking like an idiot. I can’t un-see that.

      1. Like Lee himself said about Tom, !00% Jack 90% Height. I have seen suggestionas of Gerard Butler, which would fit the bill of size and rugged looks, but Dolf is probably even more rugged although getting up there in age. Maybe the right actor hasn’t yet become a big stage name. But I can’t really see Tom in any other than the titles he already did. He doesn’t fit the bill at all.

  3. The Tome Cruise film is what got me into reading the books, yes Cruise is under tall etc. but he did everything else as I imagined him to, I think everyone has their idea of the perfect Reacher person but realistically finding an actor in his dimensions is a myth, personally I like Dwayne Johnson I think he would bring a presence of size but would loose the personality aspect which to me is Jack Reacher.
    I understand there is another film in the making and I for one am looking forward to it, in fact the more Jack Reacher the better.

  4. My biggest problem with the movie is they made Jack Reacher a Rambo and totally undermined Reacher’s detective skills.
    If I have never read the books, the movie might be entertaining.

    Final quarry scene was ridiculous – compare with the book, where he got pass the security cameras, took out the bad guys, figure out Emerson is the bad guy, with only a few shots fired (the book is One Shot, not Rambo!).

    The car chase is totally out of character for Reacher too, I read somewhere that Tom Cruise wanted it so he can do his own stunts.

  5. Just like to say i have nothing against Tom Cruise as an actor, BUT Reacher he ain’t.
    You cannot dismiss the size aspect, it is an integral part of the man.
    Not only can he do things that smaller men can’t but he also has limitations because of his size and bulk, and the limitations play as big a part in his decisions as his assets.
    Also as HT states the car chase is ‘out of character’, Reacher hates driving and by his own admission is not very good at it.
    Having said all that, a film is a film – the real Reacher is alive and well on the page (and in my head).
    Looking forward to ‘Make Me’ for Christmas.
    Only one I have to read, then join the 100% club !!

  6. Just wanted to provide an update for those who are interested. They are currently filming “Jack Reacher 2” based on Never Go Back. To be released October 21, 2016.

  7. Cruise is 5′ 7″ which is not 90% of 6′ 5″. There are male actors who are around 6′ 2″ and would make a great Reacher. Might be time to consider a new guy if a series is going to take place. Bat man, superman, James Bond, are still successful movies and there main character has changed over the years. I’d rather see a Mark Wahlberg as Reacher.

      1. How about John Cena? He looks a lot like how Reacher is described: short hair, brutal face, big muscles, 6 ft 5 in.

  8. Why not a new guy. A talented movie maker should have the ability to cast. It’s only Tom cruise’s ego that got him the part.

  9. I’ve only started on my third Jack Reacher and love the books. I’ve seen both movies but am dissappointed with Tom Cruise playing the part.
    Check out the Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith and put Tom Cruise’s head on him….its the way I see Reacher whilst reading the books.

  10. Alexander Skarsgard is 40 something, 6’4″ plus, but only around 196 lbs. Just not enough meat. Liam Neelson doesn’t have the meat either.
    The way Lee Child discribes Reacher is that he is a natural born power house, no steroids, no real extra currlciular weight lifting, just an act of Nature.

  11. Saw Lee Child in his cameo role in Never Go Back. Disappointed that Tom Cruise got his ass kicked by the guy in the kitchen. The Real Reacher would have head butted the guy and ended the fight.

    If you have never read any Jack Reacher books, movie would be ok. But if you are a reader….you’ll tear apart this movie like it was a three day old white T-shirt.

  12. You have me hungry for more Jack Reacher – yes I too thought I would not like Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher but I absolutely love him in it! He is great for this part! Hope to see another one real soon!

      1. Too well known as Thor. Too much of a sense of humor. Yes, I’ve seen him serious. But the other parts he’s played carry over.

    1. You’re right. He’s a definite possibility. However, he’s not a blue-eyed blond. I realize we didn’t worry about that with Cruise, but it would be nice to have a Reacher that totally fits the book description.
      Okay, that’s one possible actor of the right height, at least. I liked him as Little John. I’ve rejected every other actor close to the right height that I’ve checked out. (Did a search for actors by height.)

  13. Whilst I genarelly like most Cruise movies (the majority are still in my DVD collection) I was dismayed when they first cast him. But the first movie was fine, and I was okay with Cruise’s presence on screen, and the script AND directing.

    The second movie. I gave up after 20 minutes. It was a disgrace. Not the acting, the script and the direction. It was, simply, a terrible movie from the start that didn’t deserve any more of my time.

    Presently, I’m desperately hoping for a good TV series!

  14. I am very late to the Reacher fandom. In fact, I had seen or heard something about a Tom Cruise movie called Reacher before I had read any of the books. I’ve like most of the Tom Cruise movies I’ve seen but for whatever reason, I never saw this one. Eventually, I started reading the books and I came across a DVD called Reacher and there was TC on the front. It took a long time to make the connection because though he may be an action movie hero, there’s no way TC could fill Jack Reacher’s shoes or any other article of clothing!

  15. Hi,

    So, we finally have a Jack Reacher for the TV series:

    Alan Ritchson looks the part! I hope we can get the TV series in Belgium!



  16. I am sorry to say that I never red a Jack Reacher book. But I do love both movies with Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher! He is a great actor and that is what counts not the size! And I am terribly sad that Tom will not be making any more Jack Reacher movies!

    1. I totally agree. Tom Cruise should make more Jack Reacher movies instead of continuing the now rather dull mission impossible franchise. The Jack Reacher concept has much more variation, and much better plots. I do urge you to read the books, they’re just written with excellence. The thicker the better. Lee Child has a way of making everyone of them a better page-turner than anything I have ever read.

  17. I just finished watching the new Reacher series. Alan Ritchson is Jack Reacher and I hope he plays this part in multiple series based on the books. This series was the best entertainment I have had in a long time. I’m sorry it ended.

  18. Hi,

    Just finished Amazon’s “Killing Floor”. 5 stars!
    The story spread over 8 episodes is more intense than a 90-minute film.
    I hope we don’t have to wait a year for the next one!


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