Jack Reacher Books In Order: What Is The Best Jack Reacher Reading Order?

Looking for a list of Jack Reacher Books in Order?

You have 3 choices when choosing the reading order for Jack Reacher books written by Lee Child:

  1. By Publishing Date
  2. In Chronological Order
  3. No Order At All: Complete Chaos

Jack Reacher Books Best Reading Order

Want to Read The Jack Reacher Books In Order Of Publishing Date?

I recommend this order myself for Lee Child’s series featuring the character Jack Reacher.

  1. Killing Floor (1997) [Amazon]
  2. Die Trying (1998) [Amazon]
  3. Tripwire (1999) [Amazon]
  4. Running Blind (2000) [Amazon]
    • UK Title “The Visitor”
  5. Echo Burning (2001) [Amazon]
  6. Without Fail (2002) [Amazon]
  7. Persuader (2003) [Amazon]
  8. The Enemy (2004) [Amazon]
    • Prequel set eight years before Killing Floor
  9. One Shot (2005) [Amazon]
  10. The Hard Way (2006) [Amazon]
  11. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007) [Amazon]
  12. Nothing to Lose (2008) [Amazon]
  13. Gone Tomorrow (2009) [Amazon]
  14. 61 Hours (Spring 2010) [Amazon]
  15. Worth Dying For (Fall 2010) [Amazon]
  16. The Affair (2011) [Amazon]
    • This is another prequel set just before Killing Floor
  17. A Wanted Man (2012) [Amazon]
  18. Never Go Back (2013) [Amazon]
  19. Personal (2014) [Amazon]
  20. Make Me (2015) [Amazon]
  21. Night School (2016) [Amazon]
    • Prequel set when Reacher is 35
  22. No Middle Name (2017 [Amazon]
    • Collection of 12 short stories
  23. The Midnight Line (2017) [Amazon]
  24. Past Tense (2018) [Amazon]
  25. Blue Moon (2019) [Amazon]
  26. The Sentinel (2020) [Amazon]
  27. Better Off Dead (2021) [Amazon]
  28. No Plan B (October 2022) [Amazon]

Want to Read The Jack Reacher Books In Chronological Order?

  1. The Enemy (2004) [Amazon]
    • Prequel set eight years before Killing Floor
  2. Night School (2016) [Amazon]
    • Prequel set when Reacher is 35
  3. The Affair (2011) [Amazon]
    • This is another prequel set just before Killing Floor
  4. Killing Floor (1997) [Amazon]
  5. Die Trying (1998) [Amazon]
  6. Tripwire (1999) [Amazon]
  7. Running Blind (2000) [Amazon]
    • UK Title “The Visitor”
  8. Echo Burning (2001) [Amazon]
  9. Without Fail (2002) [Amazon]
  10. Persuader (2003) [Amazon]
  11. One Shot (2005) [Amazon]
  12. The Hard Way (2006) [Amazon]
  13. Bad Luck and Trouble (2007) [Amazon]
  14. Nothing to Lose (2008) [Amazon]
  15. Gone Tomorrow (2009) [Amazon]
  16. 61 Hours (Spring 2010) [Amazon]
  17. Worth Dying For (Fall 2010) [Amazon]
  18. A Wanted Man (2012) [Amazon]
  19. Never Go Back (2013) [Amazon]
  20. Personal (2014) [Amazon]
  21. Make Me (2015) [Amazon]
  22. No Middle Name (2017 [Amazon]
    • Collection of 12 short stories
  23. The Midnight Line (2017) [Amazon]
  24. Past Tense (2018) [Amazon]
  25. Blue Moon (2019) [Amazon]
  26. The Sentinel (2020) [Amazon]
  27. Better Off Dead (2021) [Amazon]
  28. No Plan B (October 2022) [Amazon]

Don’t Care About The Reading Order For Jack Reacher Books?

That’s ok!

It makes it a bit tricky for keeping track of which Jack Reacher books you’ve read, but Lee Child wrote them in such a way that each stories exists on it’s own.

There are only a handful of references to previous stories and some books have no references at all. So if your reading style is chaos, then go for it. As for me I like publishing order or chronological order for Lee Child’s series featuring Jack Reacher.

What about you? Have you read all the Jack Reacher books? In what order did you read them?

Have you only recently got addicted to the Jack Reacher novels? What’s your plan for reading order?

Have your say in the comments below.

223 thoughts on “Jack Reacher Books In Order: What Is The Best Jack Reacher Reading Order?”

    1. He doesn’t. He’d have to rejoin the army to move back up the ranks and I don’t think he’s keen 🙂

      1. Isn’t Reacher still a Major in The Affair? I have read them all, but have just begun to read them again in chronological order, thanks for the list. I didn’t include the short stories in this list because they are often hard to find. For example, Second Son was at the end of The Affair…I didn’t know it was there until I finished The Affair. Thanks for the list. I also found a book on Amazon.com called Jack Reacher”s Rules by Lee Child, can’t wait to get it and see what’s inside. .

          1. No one answered my question…in The Affair, isn’t Jack Reacher still a Major? Will make sure to let you know how Jack Reacher’s Rules is.

          2. I know the answer but it’s part of a story line so I’m not going to tell you 🙂

          3. I received “Jack Reacher’s Rules” yesterday, and finished it in less than two hours. It is a small hardback type of diary, full of Reacher quotes, with no reference to which book they could have come from. There are a lot of illustrations, how to burn down a building and lots of Reacher trivia that one would already know if one read the books. At $16.00 a pop I can say I was quite disappointed, I could have bought almost two Reacher books for that, and surely enjoyed them more. Don’t get me wrong, I have read all of the Reacher books more than once and I have them on audio as well, in my opinion this was an easy money maker.

          4. I get ’em all from the public library. That way I get big hardbacks, don’t clutter up the house, and it’s ‘free’ (unless you consider my tax $ paying for the public library…which will happen regardless). Read ‘Rules’ this way, and yeah was very happy I didn’t spend money on it. It was cute and all, but seriously…

          1. who cares what JR Rules cost? It is Jack Reacher. I just bought all to date that I haven’t read already, including Rules

        1. I just bought this one. Love Jack Reacher. If there are anymore movies, please pick some one taller than Tom Cruise

          1. I could not agree more. Terrible casting. There is nothing about Tom Cruise that says “Reacher”. I think the late Ken Howard would have been good for the part. Of today’s actors, not many have Reacher’s height, or body – maybe Dolph Lundgren has the height and body type. I think Alexander Skarsgard could do the part justice. Despite his exceptional looks, he can adopt a menacing look. While not Reacher’s height, I think Gerard Butler could do a good job, and Ray Stevenson from King Arthur. Almost anyone but TC. Thank you for the reading order list.

          2. Chris Hemsworth would be an excellent choice. He fits the description of Reacher pretty well. He’s blond, blue eyed, has a similar physique to Reacher, and is 6’3″. And he’s young enough to be able to complete several movies from the series of books before he’s too old.

          3. Yes! I totally agree. I was so ticked when I heard they had cast Tom Cruise. I almost decided to never watch it, almost.

          4. II read somewhere that TC would not be in any more of the Reacher movies because too many fans complained. I only watched about 1/2 of the 1st one he did, just couldn’t make the leap between the very elaborate descriptions of Jack in the books with the vastly different movie character.

          5. Yea, I was on a hike, and my guide was also into Jack Reacher, and we had a huge discussion on how Cruise definitely does not fit the bill for Reacher.

          6. Lol, I’m not the only one who thinks T.C. is undersized for the part of Jack Reacher. The Rock or someone like him would have been a better casting. Unfortunately, Cruise bought the movie rights.

          7. AMEN!! Poor choice for Jack Reacher, the new series on Paramount (Prime?) has a far better Jack Reacher….better story/acting, no offense to Tom C but he just isn’t Jack Reacher.
            As I understand it, Tom Cruise bought the movie rights and cast himself.

          8. Vin Disel would be a much better choice. Tall, thick, and attractive, but not head-over-heals handsome.

          9. Yes! Reacher is NOT a tiny guy like Cruise! Having him play Reacher is like Mickey mouse playing the Hulk lol!!!!

          10. Totally agree with you Tom Cruise just doesn’t fit my image of Jack Reacher. I refuse to watch Tom in that role any other role but not Jack

        2. The enemy is set in 1990 he gets busted to captain. He leaves the army in 1997 he made Major before he left.

        3. I recently read one where he first “meets” Susan Taylor when he calls for information. He told her he was demoted and had to work his way back up to Major…
          You don’t have to give away the story line to explain this.

        4. I just listened to Lee Childs audio of three Jack reacher novellas read by Dick Hill. They include deep down, second sun, and high heat. As a plus at the end, it also included included Jack reacher‘s rules, which was really cool..
          I am going to read them in chronological order. Thank you so much for the list.

        5. I have only read two so far.
          The Enemy (Major and knocked down to Captain)
          Then I read Night School (Major) I assumed from the list above he got bumped back up somewhere along the line.
          I am just learning but I am thinking the way you are.

          1. Prime series reacher has the perfect jack reacher Alan Ritchson I now have the complete set and fully enjoy each of them

    2. “Night School” is six years after “The Enemy” and Reacher is back to Major and, apparently, back in the 110th MP.

    3. Just stated reading “NightSchool” (book 2 in chrono). I’m in the early chapters and they are calling him Major Reacher. So, I’m not sure when he made it back to Major?? (maybe somewhere between the end of ‘The Enemy’ and the beginning of ‘Night School’. LOL. The books/stories are still phenomenal..

    4. At the end of “The Enemy,” Reacher is busted back to Captain and assigned a unit in the field. Then in his next novel, Night School, he is a major once again.

  1. Thanks for the guide! I just bought Without Fail out on a whim to go with a book offer.

    It looked the most interesting out of a random selection of book and was only one out of 5 jack reacher books on offer.

    Was not sure if they had to be read in order but glad I dont have to buy the whole series to understand this one book 🙂

    1. haha, yes. I’m very jealous, sometimes I wish for a concussion that wipes my memories of the books so I can read them all over again 🙂

      1. One doesn’t need a concussion to be able to forget enough of a book to make rereading fun. Just get older and old becomes new! I just started Reached series by picking up Bad Luck and Trouble from the Large Print section at my library. I’ll now start at the beginning. I’ve read the Harry Bosch series twice as well as all of Michael Connelly’s other books. I’m not as find of Ack, but might get there.

        1. Exactly right! I have almost 50 years of books. I’m in the process of moving. Once I get them unpacked, alphabetized, and shelved, I will start at the beginning and reread every one. Once I finish I’ll put it for sale for a couple of dollars on Amazon or ebay. I still have some I’ve never read … I’m a little over 70. I hope I make it through. There have been too many books over the years to remember everything, even how they end. This will be a wonderful way to spend my last few years 🙂

  2. I just brought one shot, not realising that there Is a series of jack teacher stories, is it okay if I just start with one shot first or?

    1. Thanks for your question Amber. Yes, One Shot is a fine place to start. The stories only have occasional references to each other so could be read in any order, but once you’ve got hooked, I propose you read the rest in published date order 🙂

      1. I vote chronological order. I love when the stories intertwine just a bit here and there.

        Personally, if there is a time line I’m following it.

    2. One shot is an outstanding book and although the movie follows the basic storyline and is excellent, the details in the book are quite different and much more enjoyable. I believe the changes for the movie kept the film from stretching out to three hours. Example: his relationship with the lawyer, the news reporter and the sister of the accused is whittled down to just the lawyer in the movie.

      1. I must say that although the movie was enjoyable, Reacher was played by a non spectacular Tom Cruise, who looks nothing like described in the books.

          1. Tom Cruise will NEVER be Jack Reacher. I look at him and see a 50+ year old Maverick, ugh. I’ve read every book. Go to IMDB and look at pictures of Ray Stevenson. That’s how I pictured Jack Reacher. I’ve read every book. I think he’s in his early 50’s and he’s ONLY 6’4″ but he would have been perfect for the role. I watched 5 min. of the first movie on tv and couldn’t stomach any more. Stick with the books.

        1. Completely agree! Couldn’t even watch the whole movie. The books go into elaborate detail about Reacher’s physique, which Tom Cruise could NEVER be mistaken for. I agree with every one who thinks Ray Stevenson would be perfect, he looks exactly like I picture Reacher from the description in the books.

  3. Thanks for publishing this list! I started reading them in order of publishing date – given that I’m up to ‘Tripwire’, I think I’ll stick to this order.

    Why did they choose to make a movie out of ‘One Shot’? I’ve seen the movie but haven’t yet read the book, but surely the plot of the first few I’ve read so far would have made much better movies!

      1. Tom Cruise bought the rights to all of the Jack Reacher novels, and he chose to do One Shot. IF you haven’t read any of the Reacher books, then you won’t notice the height or weight difference between Cruise and Reacher. I thought the movie was well done, but Cruise is not Reacher.

          1. Hi I am a Reacher fan.
            I also read a book called Shadow Over Babylon by David Mason.
            As I said I am a fan of Reacher nearly got the collection but this book knocks socks of Reacher , so do yourself a big favour and read it.

  4. I am a Jack Reacher fan. I have not read all of the series yet…am on the journey here.
    Nevertheless am glad to have found your site. Good list that will be handy for me to pick up the next Lee Child from my library.

  5. I recently finished reading; “61 Hours”, “Worth Dying For”, “A Wanted Man”, & “Never Go Back”. These probably ought to be read in that as-published sequence as these represent a continuous story arc. Each begins right after and fits onto the tail of the previous. I did not actually read them in sequence but I wish I had because “61 Hours” left me hanging and thinking about the conclusion for months. While waiting to get “Worth Dying For”, I was happily entertained with several other Reacher novels. Sheldon is entirely correct; each book stands on its own merits and you aren’t missing anything. That said I suspect that once I’ve read them all, I’ll probably go back and re-read them all over again in a chronological order starting with the novella “Second Son”. Next up for me is “One Shot” to see how different the movie was from Child’s work. Later my job will be to find “Personal”, the 2014 offering.

    1. I agree with the order starting at 61 hours. It was great to finally see one book carry into the next. I read them out of order. After 61 hours I wanted to know what happened. At the beginning of A Wanted Man I wanted to know how he got there in that condition. At the end of A Wanted Man I wanted to know if he reached his next objective. Everything up to that can really be read in any order.

  6. Hi, I think you may need some corrections in the chronological order. I note these

    2: High Heat, set in 1977
    3: Deep Down, set in 1986
    4: The Enemy, set in 1990
    5: The Affair, set March 1997 – 6 months before Killing Floor

    Thanks for posting this list! Fellow Reacher enthusiasts should find it helpful!

  7. Which story line? I have already read all of them once…now I am reading them in chronological order, I am at Die Trying…..again 🙂

  8. Great list! I just finished Tripwire. I am considering finishing out the series in chrono order, however, I’m afraid my OCD won’t allow me to go outside the “date published” route. I’ve already noticed subtle changes in Child’s style, such as 1st person to 3rd, longer chapters, etc, so I may want to see how it evolves with each subsequent book, as they were published. Thanks!

  9. I have just finished the hard way and I found it one oe the best ones so far going by published date.
    It seems to have all the right ingredients to make a great movie, pretty ladies, a few twists and plenty of action.
    Great site, Thanks.

  10. I see I have been reading them wrong I started with killing floors and read down I just got done with the enemy and said why did it start with his life as a mp lol now I have to go back that ok I still like all I have read

      1. Sheldon, I just finished “Persuader” .In chapter 11 Teacher makes a comment that Joe is with the Treasury Dept. We know Joe was killed in “Killing Floor”. What gives?

        1. Sheldon, I just finished “Persuader” .In chapter 11 Reacher makes a comment that Joe is with the Treasury Dept. We know Joe was killed in “Killing Floor”. What gives?

          1. Hi Suann. ‘Persuader’ has flashbacks to when Reacher was a Captain, working with a young MP named Dominique Kohl. It was during one of these flashbacks that Reacher made the comment, so at that time, Joe was alive and working for Treasury.

  11. Can anyone help me remember which book I’m think of ?
    There is a book where reacher gets in with a knd of cult and has to prove himself with a sniper rifle, he ends up exceeding the target and writing his initials or something on a tree with the gunfire
    Which book ????

  12. I’m pretty sure you are referring to Die Trying, the second Reacher book. He shoots the tree from 1,000 yds away while being held by a militia group.

  13. I got One Shot without knowing about a series or a movie.
    I am hooked and I have read 61 Hours , Worth Dying For , and 1/2 of the Affair. I will now pick up the series and read them in order. I am a great Sanford and Parker fan. (T, Jeff and Robert B both) Along with Francis, Clancy , Patterson , McBain . Ludlum and Stout.I think Lee does a better job overall than everyone but Sanford. I can not put the books down. Reading a couple a week.

    1. Woody Watcher mentions Sanford and Parker. Are these writers or characters in books? I would be interested to learn of them. I have found a Robert B. Parker as an author but am not sure as to what Watcher is referring?

      1. Hi Bob, the author is John Sanford. The longest series he’s written is the “Prey” series which features Detective Lucas Davenport at 20 something books.
        Hope this helps!

  14. Are any of the short stories now in print? I’d like to borrow them from my local library which doesn’t seem to have them. BTW I am on “Wanted Man” reading through chronologically (once I found out what the sequence was). It helps some but there are still little inconsistencies over the course of all the books. But…I am an avid reader and fan!!

  15. If you’ve read them all as I have, another good ‘fix’ are the Court Gentry series by Mark Greaney. I agree with Ricaarda’s comment above and personally would have thought Gerard Butler, aka King Leonidas – 300, would have done the part justice…just sayin’.

  16. Sheldon, I agree with you. Jack Reacher is the coolest hero in any book from any time.
    I actually saw the movie first and that is when I first thought he was a compelling character. (The books are so much better than the movie, and now I wish they had picked and actor closer to Reacher’s size, but that is for another web site). So, I went and got Killing Floor, then went to One Shot. Then I bought them as I found them traveling through airports. Now I have the entire series and wish I had read them sequentially. As I commented above it is really most important sequentially at 61 hours through Never Go Back. I’m currently reading The Affair and I have Personal sitting in reserve. I think Gone Tomorrow is probably my favorite, at least it has the best hook at the beginning and I never wanted to put it down.

  17. I have read 8 of his books and not all in order and i like how good these books are. I’m not really a reader but i like how these books catch you from the very first page. Normally I am a picky reader cause i cant really get into alot of books that are based on things that arent realt these books you can actually picture yourself in the book right beside Jack Reacher. Kudos to Lee Child on the Jack Reacher series.

  18. i have just started my first jack Reacher book. which i have been hooked instantly, i have started with BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE , not knowing of the series, my dad is a big fan and said does not matter to much on the order, but after coming across the great site and the list posted, i guess starting by Publishing Date would be best way to read them?

  19. Chronology of Reacher novels, per text of novels:

    January 1990: The Enemy.
    March 1997: The Affair
    October 1997: Killing Floor
    June 1998: Die Trying
    June 1999: Tripwire
    October 1999: Running Blind
    August 2000: Echo Burning
    November 2002: Without Fail [entails author error about U.S. election cycle]
    April 2003: Persuader [flashbacks to 1993]
    September 2004: The Hard Way [breaks publishing-order sequence]
    September 2005: One Shot
    presumably 2006: Bad Luck and Trouble
    2007: Nothing to Lose
    September 2007: Gone Tomorrow
    January 2012: 61 Hours
    January 2012: Worth Dying For
    February 2012: A Wanted Man
    February 2012: Never Go Back
    June 2013: Personal

    Reacher was born in October 1960. He is 52 years old in Personal. He commanded the 110th MP 1994-1996.

  20. I have just gotten into the jack reacher books because my husband was reading them with another female so I needed to check the content out- very entertaining- saw the movie last night and although tom cruise is a wonderful actor he is not jack -very disappointed in the portrayal – lee child would make a great reacher himself! lets hope tom cruise will wise up and let another actor portray jack

    1. Tom has the small dog condition. You know how small dogs act so big & ferocious! He doesn’t know how inconsequential he is.

  21. Thanks for the order. I read up to Running Blind before i realize there were prequels so i stopped and read the prequels. Interesting background info and gives me a better look into Reacher.

  22. “Reacher said nothing.” Might be Child’s avorite line.
    Has anyone thought of trying to count the number of times each book contains the “Reacher said nothing.” line?
    I’m in Without Fail currently and it feels like the count winner so far. To me it implies he’s silent and contemplating; receiving the information from others without contributing. Reminds me of where it’s been said of cops sitting with suspects etc. and letting the silence build to where the interviewee speaks just to break the silence. I can see it on a tee shirt pretty readily.
    Was thinking of how I could do it on a license plate; RCHR SED 0 maybe? Would be different but I don’t know that many would understand it.
    Anyone else struck by this phrase?

      1. Just checked “Make Me” (after 3rd read) for “Reacher said nothing”. At least 30 times (easily done on a Kindle). Others in the story also said nothing 🙂 I’m sure I saw ‘Reacher said “Nothing” ‘ somewhere too!

  23. I’ve just started on the Reacher series, one day I was looking for a good story to get into and I found a stack of Lee Child books.

    I saw the movie first and was impressed by the legal/detective thriller, it had an intellectual approach and reacher as a character was a master of all things.

    I’m almost reading to see when he fails! But so far he always bounces back – there’s something reaffirming when the protagonist just doesn’t fail.

    I began with 61 hours, and just finished Worth Dying For. I read The Hard Way in between those two. I think I’ll continue with the chaotic approach, I’ve been following people’s top 10 lists and reading what I can get from the bookstore. Part of me feels that this method might lead me to disappointment but Reacher is such a bad ass!

  24. Thanks so much Sheldon for compiling the chronological order of the Jack Reacher book series.

    I often buy books from our local thrift stores and happened upon a Lee Child book at one of them. After reading that one, I began to look for others, promising myself that I would read them after I retired.
    That day arrived and I went to the internet to see the complete list of his books. I copied them down and tucked them into my purse for fast reference wherever I happened to be scouting for books. Pretty soon, I had the complete series.
    I love the fact that I can finish one and go right to my bookshelf and grab another! LOL

    Like you and so many others here, I am completely addicted to Jack Reacher! I am probably half-way through the series and I am afraid to reach the end….oh what will I do with myself in my post Reacher life? LOL!!

    I am passing the books as I read them to my son, who has not begun the series yet. I think I may encourage him to refer to your chronological list when he gets started. There have been several times when I was confused by references made to events in the sequential order (by date) that I have been reading the books in.

    Once again, thank you Sheldon!

  25. Started reading them in order and cant really put them down. I like the reacher character but if you have ever read Vince Flynns books, the character Mitch Rap would be fun to match him up against him.

  26. Thanks so much for the list, going on a road trip today, will be listening to “killing floor”. 🙂

    1. Ooo! Audiobook! Nice 🙂 I’m waiting for self-driving cars so I can use the windscreen to project up the pages and read the books that way 🙂

  27. Calling all Jack Reacher fans. I am desperately looking for similar books to read. I’ve tried Lucas Davenport novels and they’re ok, but not anywhere close. Also a character named John Puller, which is a transparent attempt at a Reacheresq type that falls completely flat. Please help. Thanks.

    1. Nick Heller by Joseph Finder is the closest I have found to Jack Reacher. Nick Horvath by Brad Thor is also great. Nobody is as cool as Reacher, but these guys have satisfied by addiction between books.

    2. I started reading Stephen Hunter books before Lee Child’s, Reacher books. The Protagonist is Bob Lee Swagger. He’s a Viet Nam War vet and total bad ass! The movie “Shooter” was based off of on of Hunter’s book “Point of Impact”. There are 9 books in the Bob Lee Swagger series. The Earl Swagger ( Bob’s father ) series is three books (Highly recomend) and there are stand alone novels too (recomend most of those)


      I personally like Swagger (Hunter) a little better than Reacher (Child) IMO

      1. I like Swagger as well; having only read 2 of the Jack Reacher books I am undecided yet if I like Swagger better or not. Definitely different, and without the firearms mistakes that Lee Child/Jim Wagner made in the first 2 Reacher novels. But I can forgive the gun errors if the story is good; most people would not notice and the errors don’t affect the story at all.

  28. Just finished “A Wanted Man” & “Never Go Back” (3rd time?).
    I hope that other fine author* drops his Puller character – there are better things to do than copy others’ heros!
    * If anyone wants to read another Reacher-type story, look for “Divine Justice” 😉
    Re the film: TC did a good job, despite the difference in size. There aren’t many 6’5″ actors around, I guess!
    Re: similar heros/stories: I have recently finished the “Travis McGee” series. Now, they were good!


  29. I just went to the bookstore and paid for my copy of “Make me” I was told it will be in book stores September 9th. Can’t wait! I think I have my friend Butters freeze me until then.

    1. If you can get a 2-for-1 deal John, I’ll jump in the freezer with you. I can’t stand waiting either 🙂

  30. I don’t have a comment, but I do have a question. I have all the Jack Reacher books up to Never Go Back. I am a real stickler about reading books in the correct order, while I’m I happy to hear the each title can be read as a complete novel itself.
    I saw the list above that suggested The Affair and The Enemy can be read before the killing floor.
    My question is, where do all the short stories that are not found in the books fit in the series order along with the stories located at the end of some of the titles?
    Basically I’m seeking the sequential order of events:
    1.The Books
    2. The Short Stories that are located in the book series
    3. The short stories that are available, but separate from the books.
    ANYBODY out there who can handle such a task.
    I’m on book #5.

    I also would like to comment on the other covers of the Reacher series. The art work appears to be done by the same person and they will usually have a object or event part of the illustration in the art. Are these UK covers, and if so, Why are they not available to us? Is it a contract issue?

    1. Good questions Bill 🙂

      All I’ve got so far is the names and dates for the 9 short stories:

      “Second Son”
      Set in 1973 with Racher as a 14 year old (his Birthday is Oct 29, 1960)

      “Deep Down”
      Set in 1986.

      “Guy Walks into a Bar”
      Set in the moments before the novel Gone Tomorrow

      “James Penney’s New Identity”
      Reacher in the Army as a captain

      “High Heat”
      Set in 1977. Jack Reacher is almost 17

      “Everyone Talks”
      Date not certain. The story is an interview with Reacher during a hospital stay whilst recovering from injuries. The story is told from the perspective of a female detective investigating an alleged shooting.

      “Not a Drill”
      Date not certain.

      “Good and Valuable Consideration”
      Date not certain.

      “Small Wars”
      Set in 1989 with Reacher still an MP.

  31. Reviewing site now. Who is this Jack Reacher anyway… he seems like a cross between superman, average jo and james bond?!! Looks like a must read.

    1. Jason Speaks:
      Step 1: buy and read Killing Floor (just my opinion on where to start, but this was the first book written)
      Step 2: unsuccessfully try to break your new Reacher habit
      Step 3: anxiously wait 12 months each year for the new Reacher book

  32. Is it me, or has anyone noticed that the 2 new;(to me); Jack Reacher short stories:” small Wars” and “Not a Drill” are just the fist chapter of ” make Me” and another older novel?Don’t buy and get ripped off!

    Someone mentioned Travis McGee by John D. McDonald. GREAT STORIES! Remains my best liked series till this day. Highly recommended!,

  33. So I have been reading the books in Chronologic order, I am currently on “Bad Luck and Trouble” which begins with the death of Calvin Franz. Now it has been a long time since I read “The Affair” and I don’t have that book anymore. As I remember there was a character in The Affair who was a resource contact of Reacher back at his post, it was Frances Neagley and another guy… Was Calvin Franz that another guy??

    1. I believe it was Stan Lowry and not Calvin Franz. Finished that book like two days ago, so still fairly fresh in my memory.

  34. Dear Sheldon, I thought I was the only one in love with Reacher!!!! I found out about him, 6 months ago, reading about Anne Rice, Stephen King, and another author of mystery books, in AARP!! Anne Rice listed some of her favorite authors. And she said she loved the Jack Reacher series, by Lee Child. So I went to the library and I got a book and fell in love!! Then I decided to get an audio version and now I’m in love with 2 men!! Yes, Dick Hill!!! He does a great Jack Reacher!! I have read on other web sites that people don’t like Hill!! What are they thinking? I hope Hill does all the audio books! Sheldon, you have a great site for Reacher, he would love it!!LOL Keep it up(as long as your family gets to see you between books!!!)

  35. In response to the first question posed on the comments.

    I started with 61 hours. Someone had left the book for weeks in my work lunch room. Finally decided to borrow it for a few days. I was not able to put it down, was hooked, like an addict. The countdown, the easy flowing writing style and the detailed research on all things military was brilliant.

    Then went through what I could find in the local library.

    61 Hours
    One shot
    Worth dying for
    The Affair
    Never Go back
    Running blind (Currently reading)

    Planning to hunt as many as I can before dipping into the pocket. Not sure I would want to reread thriller stories, once you know the ending the funs kind of over.

    Lucky for me I still have another 14 unread books to enjoy, without the need for a well judged concussion that can remove a few weeks of my memory. :O)

  36. First-I totally concur with the person who raved about Dick Hill. He is an unbelievable narrator-and the reason I got hooked.

    I started somewhere in the middle (“Bad Luck and Trouble”-..maybe?). For some reason-my overdrive library only had those later novels on audio and I have a long commute, so I started there. Dick Hill’s voice is smooth like honey. He IS Jack Reacher. OK-so then after finishing the later books audio, I went back to the beginning with “Killing Floor”. I must say that the earlier novels are not as good, IMO. I cant be sure if I missed the narrator, but I do think the writing is much better in later novels.

    Having said that, I still like my order, finishing with “The Enemy”, and here’s why: I always wondered what happened to Reacher to cause him to leave a promising career in the army and turn drifter…I never bought the downsizing of the army as the reaon. Why would the army let a superstar like Reacher go? This question gnawed at me all through, and I only got some understanding after coming full circle and finishing with “The Enemy”.

    Now, re Dick Hill: I have actually begun searching for other books he narrates. I finished the Wallander series, by Henning Manken, and Doc Ford series by Randy Wayne Wight. Also very good. He is a master. In fact-the 2 books in those series that were NOT read by him-I did not even finish!

    As for Reacher, I am saddened to have finished them all. I heard that the Mitch Rapp (Vince Flynn series is very good). Meanwhile-I am number 48 on the waiting list for “Make Me”

    BTW-I actually looked for, and bought and carry my foldable toothbrush with me!!! I do not however throw out my clothes after 4 days.

    Here is a funny sidenote: CVS did not have the foldable toothbrush, so I got the kind where the brush inserts into the cover, forming the handle, so this is what I bought. And…if you look carefully at the movie-this is the exact type that you see when he empties his pockets after getting arrested in “One Shot”.

  37. Thank you for the list. What can you tell me about kindle ebooks about JR is there a certain order? And what are these other JR books with different authors?

  38. Hi there. I am having severe anxiety over the fact I am reading the last of the Jack Reacher novels “Personal”. I’ve never been an avid reader but I just LOVE these books! I have seen that there are a number of Jack Reacher short stories by Lee Child and was wondering if you know if they are available in print somewhere? Anywhere? I’m in Sydney Australia but am happy to get them freighted. Cheers to all JR fans – Marc.

    1. Good question Marc! I think they are digital only because of the length (They would be thinner than a Readers Digest, and the price of only a few dollars means no-one gets paid along the supply chain). Perhaps when there are more of them they may be released in a collection?

  39. Howdy,

    As a “Mitch Rapp” Fan by Vince Flynn, I find Reacher a nice change. Only minor complaint is how Child can spend over a page describing a scene. I want to spend more time between the quotation marks.


    Deisel Dan
    Still in UT

  40. I have a question, I’m on book 13. And a statement was made in book 12 about Reachers bullet hole scar. I can’t figure out or remember if it was stated, who the bullet was taken for? Which woman? Thanks 🙂 luv me some Reacher 😉

  41. I am just getting into reading and started with the jack reacher novels. I read the first book by publication date. Does it matter if I read the stories by publication date or chronological order?

    1. I propose that reading Jack Reacher novels by publication date is the better choice. All the best Anthony!

  42. Thank you for the response Sheldon.
    Reading the novels by publication date, do they all coincide with the previous story or are they story’s of their own?

    1. They all stand alone apart from 61 hours which has a cliffhanger. There are very few references to older stories.

  43. I always look to read book series in the order they were published. I found a later Lee Child/Jim Grant novel in the Reacher series, then went back to find ‘Killing Floor’ and start from there. I just finished ‘Die Trying.’

    Not bad! Evocative of the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker (and continued since his death by Ace Atkins). Some key stylistic differences of course.

    One thing lacking, which I hope will be corrected as I read on and join the ‘100% club’: as an American (and a true gun nut) I can tell this is a British writer because of the mistakes made in these first 2 novels regarding firearms. I’m assuming that since the early 1990’s when ‘Killing Floor’ was written the author has done more research on firearms, and perhaps loving fans have pointed out the errors?

    Again, probably not noticeable unless you’re an American gun aficionado 🙂

    Having said that, these first two books are definitely page-turners, and I am hooked!

      1. Hi. Love the conversations. In which book did Reacher kill his brother’s killer? Or did he just mention that in Without Fail.

  44. Unlike you Sheldon, I am dawdling my way through this series trying to make it last. Finally got the audiobook version of Killing Floor from the library and Dick Hill is great as usual.
    It’s a Jack Reacher story so naturally I have no beef with the book. I do have an observation however, after having read most of his others. As Killing Floor is the first one Lee Child published, I too can see why it would be preferable to read it first. Just like Rob noted on this page back in 2014, there’s changes to Child’s style and some of Jack’s character traits aren’t as developed or strong in this book. I didn’t think about it being the first book until it became obvious to me it was slightly different and was fascinating to listen closely to see what Child’s has crafted over subsequent novels to make Jack even more complex. There’s no mention of him looking at a watch but he’s not quite as precise about what time of day it is once or twice. The famous line “Reacher said nothing.” doesn’t appear although it was almost there. And, while it’s still only 6 months out of the Army his thoughts aren’t quite yet on the need to travel the road for travel’s sake. No mention of the folding toothbrush either.
    It was a big disappointment was learning that Blind Blake, while a real musician and actually rumored to have met a violent death, didn’t die the way Child describes but rather of TB up in Wisconsin.
    Regardless, it is as excellent a plot line as any others and kept me in the dark very well. Jack’s thoughts and process of putting the antagonistic plot together are logical and, as usual, I was sad to reach The End.

    1. Buying the ebooks/digital books is easy, you can use the links I provide for that. Getting all the physical books would be much harder 🙂

  45. How many of the Jack Reacher series have been made into movies! I note there are duplicate copies of the books but with different covers – are they the same?

    1. 2 stories have been made into movies so far. Sometimes you’ll see different covers for the same book because the publishers decide different artwork might work better in different countries.

  46. Hey you got the order wrong chronologically. Night School comes before The Affair. I’m not saying you ruined it for me, but I’m not happy 🙁

  47. Hi,

    Just read “Night School” for the 3rd time. I’m sure there was another story from his time as an MP, where there’s (again) a lot of travelling around the planet. Any ideas which? Don’t suggest I re-read the whole lot to find the right one! (not?).

    Re: his time as an MP: there must be a bunch of material on Lee Child’s desk, just waiting to get turned into a story!


    P.S. Anxiously awaiting the follow-up to “Make Me”. Hope he’s OK.

  48. Lovely to see so many Jack Reacher lovers. I have read all of them but one, and I have read them in random order. I don’t think it really matters.
    About the movies, how about Liam Neeson as JR? Maybe to old, but he was terrific in “Taken”.
    A suggestion for another sequel of books is “The Camel Club” by David Baldacci” 5 books that got better and better for each book. Terrific ending.

  49. Reading a good book is like watching a movie in my head. Jack Reacher is supposed to be 6′ 5″ and 250 lbs. It’s a little disconcerting trying to picture him after seeing T Cruise in the movies. Although Tom does have the perfect voice for Jack. I get a lot of laughs from some of the things “Jack” says. I just wish they had used another actor like Dwayne Johnson, Liam Neeson or Vince Vaughn…. Right now I am picturing a big tall guy with no definitive face but with Tom Cruise’s voice, lol.

  50. The first Jack Reacher novel I ever read was ‘The Hard Way’. Loved it and it’s always a plus to read a book in the actual place where it’s set. After returning home from NYC, I noticed that on the cover of the European edition, they used ‘Cheyenne’ to portray the diner where Reacher drinks his coffee. Cheyenne was a classic diner that I stumbled upon during my first visit to NYC in 1988 and frequented every time I was in NYC, also during that fall in 2007. Sadly, now it’s no longer there.
    Anyways, since then I was hooked on Lee Child’s creation and started buying older Reacher novels when and where I could find them and always read them while traveling somewhere. Sometime around 2012 I caught up and since then I just buy the paperback version of the new edition in spring and read it while traveling in the summer.

  51. I just finished “bad luck and trouble”. I’m trying to listen to all the books in chronological order. This book mentions Jack’s brother dying. When did that happen? Just wondered if I missed something.

      1. I have been on a reacher marathon read. Why are there books after killing floor that brother Joe is alive. Am confused

  52. What’s fascinating is how, every now and then, you find yourself inside Lee Child’s mind, seeing thru Reacher’s eyes. This is where you can join forces with Reacher as he goes about setting wrong right . . .
    What’s sad is that Lee Child writes for a TV audience, who are not necessarily the brightest bulbs in the store . . .

  53. Jack Reacher books are the best- the adaptation is just fantastic. Tom Cruise has been my all time actor and seeing him feature in the adaptation, I loved it.

  54. I started with Killing Floor (1st one published), than found the chronological order on line and dropped back to The Enemy and forward from there. Reading Killing Floor first did not hurt at all – but I would have preferred starting chronologically. If you are too far in, no worries.

  55. I have just finished Personal. It makes mention of his mom and that she died of cancer. Yet in another book she left them, as in disappeared. Confusing.

  56. I listen to Jack Reacher on audio book. I started in the middle with One Shot. I then went back to the beginning and listened to them all by publishing date and then in chronological order. I love Jeff Hardings narration, he is the voice of Reacher for me. I must have listened to the whole series 3 or 4 times now and I never tire of these stories

  57. The idea that reacher was demoted and then promoted again is a real weak point, once an officer is busted, he’s done. But there are lots of implausible things in the stories, it just works. I was very happy with the sories until I read The Enemy. In the end Jack Reacher literally commits murder, cold blooded, premeditated murder. I was dismayed and disappointed because in all the other books his morals and ethics are very high, until I read this, Reacher had only killed people that were evil and dispicable. Although Willard is pretty bad, he did not deserve the death penalty. Now I don’t know if I still respect Reacher or Lee Child!

  58. Hey..I have never read any of jack reachers book .. just bought midhnightline and i confused whether the story line pf every book is related to previos book is it necessary to read all the previous books in order to read midnight line?

    1. The Midnight Line is a fine place to start. All stories are independant with only minor references to other stories. Enjoy!

  59. Hi Sheldon (and everyone else) Great Information you have collected!
    I have a cronological question. Where does “Not a drill” and “Matchup” fit in if i want to read them all in chronological order?

  60. I think Hugh Jackman who played XMen Wolverine would be a good Jack Reacher. Tom Cruise is dreadful and I couldn’t watch.

  61. HI Jörgen. First off, ‘Matchup’ is an anthology edited by Lee Child. It does, however, contain the novella ‘Faking a Murderer’ which was co-written by Lee Child and Kathy Reichs and includes here character Temperance Brennan (from ‘Bones’ TV fame). So perhaps your question was really where does ‘Faking a Murderer’ fit in the Reacher chronology?

    ‘Not a Drill’ was copyright 2014, and ‘Faking a Murderer’ was written for the ‘Matchup’ anthology in 2017. There are no real context clues in ‘Not a Drill’ to place it in any time other than 2014, so it may be safe to say that it is set in 2014. In ‘Faking a Murderer’, Temperance says that the killing took place 30 years ago, and then Reacher says that he saw it happen when he was in Germany in 1987. This suggests that ‘Faking a Murderer’ is set in 2017.

    So – ‘Not a Drill’ is set in 2013 or 2014 and ‘Faking a Murderer’ is set in 2017.

  62. As of October 2020 I have read every one of this series except The Sentinel. It took me about 18 months to read them all, but they were always a great read. I purchased about half of them at the book store, and the rest of them second hand. If you like any of the books, you will enjoy the entire series. on a related note, while I enjoyed watching Tom Cruise (TC) in the role of Jack Reacher, I always envisioned the role with a guy as 6’4″ – 6’5″ like the character in the book. That factor was important in many of the stories, but TC still did a great job in the role regardless.

  63. I might have just read my last Jack Reacher. Child announced – last year? Earlier this year? Can’t remember – that he would be writing no more Reacher stories and that his brother Andrew would be taking over.
    So, “The Sentinel” hit the shelves and I bought it and hadn’t even got to page 50 before I started getting the twitches. The Andrew Child version of Jack Reacher is nothing like the Reacher we have been reading for the last twenty-four years. I guess I have become too set in my ways – two or three of the previous twenty-four stories were not up to the standard of the others, but Reacher was always Reacher. Now, he’s someone completely different.
    I’ll let the dust settle on The Sentinel for a while, then read it again and this time next year, I’ll decide if I want to stay on, or retire Jack Reacher.
    Right now, though, he’s not looking too good.

    1. oh! I couldn’t tell the difference in the writing style or Reacher’s character. They co-wrote this one so I’m certain it got the Lee Child tick of approval.

  64. Not sure why I’m diving into the conversation so many years late but I just started my first Jack Reacher novel. My order is my county library eBook order (gave myself a new Kindle for Christmas). My library doesn’t have all of the books in the series and, as one would expect, many are checked out for up to 9 weeks including a compilation of the first 5 Reacher novels Childs wrote.

    My only context is having seen the movies years ago. Still, “Gone Tomorrow” stands on its own. The only reference to Reacher’s past so far is him working with Israeli intelligence and if that’s a story told in detail in an earlier novel it’s not a big deal. Though it’d be nice to have read it just for the pleasure of knowing.

    “Gone Tomorrow” is a quick read and my only issue – couldn’t really call it a complaint because it’s so minor – is Lee Child’s chapter breaks. They really don’t make any sense other than as place holders for people who only read in short spurts. They aren’t logically based upon the content.

  65. Similar to Craig, I have recently become a Jack Reacher fan found the full lot of the first 24 books in September 2020 and have been reading since. Just finished book #15 from the chronological list which is how I decided to read the books. Ten more to go including the latest ‘The Sentinel’.

    Had read several of the comments on the two Jack Reacher movies made with Tom Cruise. Agree fully that Cruise was not the actor that should have been chosen for the role. I think that a better choice should have been Dave Bautista, he is 6′ 6″ and has the body of Jack Reacher, the only thing he is missing is blue eyes. Of course this is an opinion, but if more movies are going to be made they should consider Bautista.

  66. I’ve just finished 61 Hours **edited** with the ending suggesting there would be no more books **edited** but chronologically the story as listed as being somewhere in the middle. **edited** Please explain?

    1. Hi Scott, I’ve had to edit your comment a bit to remove the spoiler. I can tell you that Lee Child planned that 61 hours would be his last book, but fans pulled him back in to continue writing!

    1. Not physically imposing enough. I thought more than once that Dwanye Johnson – The Rock – might make a good Reacher, being the right physical type, but Johnson isn’t a good enough actor to carry it off. Don’t get me wrong; I like the guy and he doesn’t mind having a laugh at his own expense, but he lacks the menacing presence to be Reacher.

      1. Yes, I agree, after reading a number of books before the first movie, I had a picture in my mind of Jack’s appearance and it certainly wasn’t Tom Cruise, no disrespect to Tom.

  67. Disappointed with last couple of books. I know that’s a big statement but it’s how I feel. Looks like Tom is only going to put one JR movie out to the public, Same with David Baldacci and his Mitch Rapp. At least that movie had characters much better matched to the actual book.

    1. Me too.
      I’ve just finished “Better off Dead” This, and the previous book would have been better not written.
      B off D is far too contrived and padded with lots of unnecessary detail which seeks to hide the lack of story muscle.

  68. Since Reacher only has a toothbrush, cc and passport when he hits the road, he must have a beard? (Tom Cruise with a full beard doesn’t compute). I haven’t read all the books, is there ever a discussion about shaving?

  69. hey,
    I wish to know which of the Jack Reacher books are interconnected
    like 61hours should be read before Never go Back – (for S. Turner)
    but not much connection in Killing Floor & Die Trying etc.
    Soo which books should I keep in mind to read before it’s other follow up
    thank you
    please do reply

    1. The best that I have been able to put together is the following order:
      The Enemy
      Night School
      The Affair
      Killing Floor
      Die Trying
      Running Blind
      Echo Burning
      Without Fail
      One Shot
      The Hard Way
      Bad Luck And trouble
      Nothing To Lose
      Gone Tomorrow
      61 Hours
      Worth Dying For
      A Wanted Man
      Never Go Back
      Make Me
      The Midnight Line
      Past Tense
      Blue Moon

      I have “The Sentinel” by Lee Child’s brother, but can’t see where it would fit into the above timeline, However, there is a hint in “Better Off Dead” – having a severe struggle with this book – that it might come straight after “Echo Burning.”

  70. I didn’t realize there was a Jack Reacher series until I had read (well, actually it was an audiobook) one. By then I was hooked not only on Jack but on audiobooks so it was a challenge trying to check them out from the library in the order in which they were published (or even any other order). So I had to read them (listen to them 🙂 in the order where I could get the audiobooks. Some times I couldn’t wait and went to the library to get the real thing – wow hardback books still exist!!! Lol!!! I had seen both Tom Cruise movies well before reading the books and it wasn’t until recently that it dawned on me that Tom Cruise was supposed to be Jack Reacher. Talking about “does not compute”!!! What???? I went back to watch and just couldn’t do it. I hope he is not going to be cast in anything close to Jack Reacher again. Ever. Mission Impossible is his gig; Jack Reacher is not.

  71. I’ve been using this site for the order for over a year and never realized there was a comment section. It’s so wonderful to find people who love Jack Reacher as much as I have come to in the last year or so.

  72. Okay, time to put this to rest. I’ve just read my last Reacher – Better Off Dead, which would be better titled “Better Off Unread”. All due respect to Andrew Child, but he just doesn’t write a good Reacher story, especially when he does it in the First Person.
    I was not all that impressed with “The Sentinel”, which was the first written by Lee Child’s brother. The last one written by Lee – “Blue Moon” – for my part, showed his contempt for his readers. It was the worst of the entire series and the plot was utterly ridiculous – it was as though he was telling his reader base to get stuffed. If I burned books, that one would be the first into the fire.

  73. I absolutely hate writing that I agree with you but I really do!!. Time to move onto a new character to follow. Kyle Mills has done a great job keeping Mitch Rapp very believable after the loss of Vince Flynn. Lee is tired of Jack and it shows.

  74. Jack Reacher is a fun read.

    If only there was any evidence that he had ever served in the Army… at least, the U.S. Army.

    But still a fun casual read, even if you are equipped to know all the stuff that you have to suspend disbelief on.

    Bob Lewis,
    Major, U.S. Army, 1974 – 1986, DoD 1986 – 2013.

    PS – Also … I am 6′ 2″, 210#. Jack Reacher does NOT have size 11 feet. At least not in U.S. shoe sizes. Size 12.5 … minimum; more likely 13 to 15.

  75. I’ve seen alot of comments about Tom Cruise isn’t close to the size of Reacher. My question is, now that the series is out how does everyone feel about this Jack Reacher?

    1. Having an actor closer to the very well-described physicality and mannerisms of Reacher is a great start. I have seen only clips on Youtube and feel a lot better about the new series than I ever did when Cruise was Reacher. I have a reasonably good feeling about it, even if a weedy little skinhead with a crowbar managed to hit Reacher more times in thirty seconds than he was ever hit in twenty-seven books…oh heck!…spoiler. Sorry about that.

  76. If you want to see a good Jack Reacher watch the Amazon series, it is just one season so far, and I can’t remember which book it is from, but this guy fills his shoes!!! He makes Tom Cruise look dinky!

    1. The source book is “Killing Floor”: the first Reacher released, but the fourth in the Reacher timeline. I have all the books and there is a reference – or, at least, a hint – in each one as to where it fits into Reacher’s life.
      And yes, the actor fits the mould perfectly: a Reacher at last who looks like Reacher, right down to the deadly stare.

  77. Hi Sheldon. What a great website! You have done a terrific job.

    I love the new Amazon series called Reacher, starring Alan Ritchson. You should correct your website because you refer to this actor as Alan Richardson.

    I enjoyed the two movies with Tom Cruise. He is definitely not Jack Reacher physically but I thought he did a great acting job of portraying Reacher.

    Keep up the great work with this website!

    1. I agree about the streaming series and Ritchson – I binged the series twice. The next series begins next month, and if it’s up to the same standard I’ll probably binge it twice too!

  78. I am reading the Jack Widow series from Scott Blade. Jack’s mother was named Deveraux, and she was the sheriff in a small town in Mississippi before she was murdered. Check it out after reading “The Affair” again.

  79. I’ve only read 2 Reacher novels so far: Killing Floor and Bad Luck and Trouble. I know you’re all jealous because I have so many more unread ones ahead of me. I literally read Bad Luck and Trouble yesterday (all 477 pages) in a day. I wanted to read it before season 2 with Alan Ritchson comes out in Sept or Oct 2023 or whenever it gets here.
    Casting him was perfect. I like Tom Cruise but Cruise plays himself too much rather than the Reacher character. I’ve never had a man crush before but I can’t stop staring at the dudes chest and biceps. They just flex “Reacher”.
    My question is: Where does “Too Much Time” fit in chronologically? I don’t see it listed in the chronology. Same with “James Penney’s New Identity” and some others in No Middle Name.

  80. picked up JR books at second hand store a few years ago. Got hooked right away. Have read all except 7 of the books . As soon as I finishing reading The last 7, I’ll put them in order and start over. WOW what a thrill ride. Didn’t care for Night School

  81. Just finished “The Secret” for the second time. It’s not up to Lee Child’s standards – there are too many illogical situations for me. Does chloroform put you to sleep instantly? But anyway, I’m looking forward to “In Too Deep” next year.

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