Do You Qualify For The Jack Reacher 100 Percent Club?

So you’ve read all the Jack Reacher books?

Even the short ones?

Watched the movie too?

If so, congratulations you are now part of the Jack Reacher 100% club!

Here’s your badge/medal:


If not, then get too it!


74 thoughts on “Do You Qualify For The Jack Reacher 100 Percent Club?”

  1. Hi Sheldon,

    I just love this site! I tried to locate your email for a very special message about my new book series called Get Jack Reacher (WITH Special permission of course). I think that you will be VERY interested and surprised. If you would like to know more please shoot me a email. Next to you, I’m probably Jack’s #2 fan. I’ve read all of Jack’s books at least 50 times each. On my site there is a trailer for first book. So check it out and let me know. If you decide to pass then no hard feelings and I just love your work here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I Love this Site and I hope someday there would be a series out may be on HBO or FX somewhere. and wish some more movies of Jack Reacher comes out. I will soon finish all his books.

    Why did they choose Tom Cruise.

  3. Hi,

    I have just this minute finished “Everyone Talks”, which I didn’t know anything about 1 hour ago, so I hereby qualify!


  4. Sheldon, Thanks for creating this website. I have only read 4 titles and really enjoy each of them. I skipped Echo Burning when I found myself reading about an area of the US that I am horribly uncomfortable.
    I was born and raised in Ohio and thought I needed to escape to a Big City. I picked one of the worst locations for me. Dallas! The weather is rarely comfortable. An example, in 1980 we had 96 consecutive days over 100 degrees. It began in mid June and lasted until the mid point of September! Can you imagine. A friend who remained up North asked me once if we had autumn here in Dallas? My reply, Its hard to tell since the cement doesn’t change color.
    I have been to the top of the highest structure in Dallas and you can look out for 360 degrees and we see nothing! just flat land the goes on for miles in every direction. Nothing natural that does down and nothing pops up. Texas has hundreds of lakes. I heard that they are all man-made except for one. When in a skyscraper and looking out at, IMHO nothing I’ve asked why are we here? The Mormons wouldn’t have spent one night here. It turns out that 2 cattle crossings intersection. So the men moving the cattle along a trail would meet another harty group so the wise capitalist built a store, they came a gas station, and a few started digging to make a lake.
    I am not a Texan in spite of my living here for approx. 40 years. If anything I don’t want to be reminded of this nightmare so when I began to read Echo Burning I quickly decided, I don’t care where in falls in the sequence of titles, I’m moving on to Without Fail!
    Thanks Lee for making this possible. You’re a Prince!
    Oh, Sheldon. I’m sorry. No I am not a 100%’er.
    Sorry folks to have wasted so much space just to say that.

  5. Hi Sheldon,

    My wife and I listen to Jack Reacher novels while driving and are totally addicted. We love your site! Our only disappointment is having Tom Cruise cast in a movie. Jack is 6’5″ Tom is 5″6″ and not at all like Jack. Once while listening to a Jack Reacher novel (Bad Luck and Trouble) we arrived at our destination after 16 hours of driving but still had 1 cd left so we drove around for over an hour to finish.

  6. Part of the club and finished the first YOU DONT KNOW JACK fan fiction. Nothing like the novels, I dont recommend it.

    Enjoyed the books though!

      1. Thank you!
        Did you get my facebook question?
        I’m trying to remember a specific moment from a specific book. Because I read the books and novellas in order over the last 10 weeks some of the books have muddled in my brain.

        The question is:

        In a book Reacher helps an agent from an organisation (CIA, FBI or other) solve an old case where they’re following a spy/criminal who reads a newspaper on a bench by the sea (I think) and then dumps the newspaper in the trash. The agent looks through the trash but doesn’t find anything, Jack has an idea that maybe the spy/double agent/criminal was actually doing something else…

        What was it?

        1. That doesn’t sound familiar to me Nick, sorry I can’t help with this. Can someone else help Nick?

          (I see your FB message, but this website is a better place for questions like yours so others can read and answer)

        2. In the book Personal, Reacher finds an army newspaper that has an ad looking for him. He responds to the ad and then helps find a shooter that he put away 16 years ago that had a 15 year sentence.

          He is picked up by the Navy, so I thought that this might be the book you’re looking for.

  7. Just finished Make Me and have now read all the books and short stories. Thanks for the website, as I wanted to read them all in chronological order. Looking for something else to read until Night School comes out.

    1. Hi Brent,

      Try the Travis McGee stories by John D. McDonald. There are 21 (plus a lot more outside this series).
      All available from Amazon (Kindle).


    2. Just finished Night School last night. Took a bit longer, three days instead of two. A bit more to process. Loved the brawls.. I had just completed Personal then right away in Night School, two names used in Personal.
      White and Casey. I’m thinking, c’mon Lee.
      Are you losing your edge? So far only found ONE error in all his books. In Make Me is a man called Vincent, and later, he’s referred to as Victor. So far 21 titles read.

      1. Hi Gail,

        Found another error, in “Personal” (yes, I’m reading it again!*). Discussing kicking in a door, Reacher says that 20% more speed gives a 400% advantage. Unusual for Reacher/Child to make a mistake with the maths!

        *Now I can re-read all the others, without the anxienty of running into this error somewhere else! ๐Ÿ˜‰



        1. Hi,

          But I’ve just run into the same error again, in the French translation of “Personal”! (I bought this to give to a BIL who lives near Liรจge. Thought I’d better check the translation before passing it on ๐Ÿ™‚ )
          Obviously, the translator (Google?) didn’t proof-read, else the error did not raise a flag.

          Oh well!


  8. Almost 100% could not read make me because of the reviews: Tom Hardy should play Jack: and I really read 61 hours that’s probably my favourite even though in truth it’s hard to pick a favourite thanks for the site

    1. Hi Barbara: I hear you. Make Me was the only book that left me very uncomfortable.
      Nonetheless it was a good read. The only plot so far that was difficult to get over. Jack got his men though…but unfortunately they died quickly. The only book I have chosen not to read is One Shot because of the movie.
      Anybody out there recommend I read it anyway?

  9. Which Reacher book has him explaining the difference in fighting technique between himself and his brother. His brother spent a quarter of a second contemplating the pros and cons of fighting his opponent. Reacher explains that in that same amount of time his fist is halfway to his opponents face, swinging with every ounce of strength in his being.
    It is, I believe, one of the last five books Lee Child wrote.
    Thank you for your help.

  10. Read all the novels and short stories.

    Sad there’s only one novel per year but happy that the author hasn’t Clancy’d or Bourne’d (turned the writing over to a team of hacks, or died. )

  11. Hi,

    Just finished “The Midnight Line” for the 2nd time. 5 stars awarded.

    I would have been nice to have an epilogue to explain what happened to the bad guy & to the cop near the end!


    1. I totally agree…. I like everything tied up in bows at the end. Let’s assume the Detective was found and freed, and somebody removed crispy from the dryer. And the vet went on to rehab and cosmetic repairs.


  12. It’s me again.

    Only 5 months to go for “Past Tense”! I’ve just read the beginning on Lee Child’s site. If I follow normal practice, I will read the excerpt twice more ๐Ÿ˜‰

    IIRC, in “The Midnight Line”, Reacher didn’t have to kill anyone – correct?


  13. Hi,

    Just downloaded “Too Much Time” to my Kindle.
    Started reading – this looks familiar!
    In fact, it’s the first couple of chapters of “Past Tense”!
    Did anyone else have this problem?

    I must complain to Amazon.



  14. Hi,

    I’ve just downloaded “Too Much Time” for the 4th time, & it’s *still* just the first part of “Past Tense”! YMMV.
    I did managed to read the extract of TMT on Amazon’s site (lots of screenshots & scrolling).
    I have the impression that I’ve read it before, where Reacher interferes in a mugging, but gets tangled up in the local police investigation (“Just 10 minutes of your time, sir”).

    (Thinks: I got the notification from Amazon a few days ago about TMT, but does that really mean that it’s a new story, or just a refresh?)

    The rest of “Past Tense” is out 4 months…


    (Confused of Belgium)

    1. Hi Dick-san, it might sound familiar if you’ve already got “No Middle Name” which was a collection of Jack Reacher short stories including this one. Does that explain it?

  15. Hi Sheldon,

    Yes, it does (explain why it’s familiar). Thanks. Now I can go read the rest of it (again) ๐Ÿ™‚

    What’s not explained is why the current download of TMT reads the same as the first chapters of “Past Tense”.

    Could someone else check this out? You can always get a refund ๐Ÿ˜‰
    (that works a treat!).




  16. Just finished “Past Tense”. Will start over in a day or 2.
    Reacher’s thoughts on working a computer were really amusing!

    Just 364 days to go for the next one.



      1. Finished reading it for the 2nd time (one of the benefits of being retired!).
        When rating the story, I clicked on the 5th star as usual. Double-tap, centre mass ๐Ÿ˜‰



  17. Yep, 100% plus…since I have re-read many of them…

    Wonder if I am the only reader of Reacher that seems to be wondering about the theme thread of human depravity…Reacher has done in serial child molesters, live snuff film purveyors and, most recently, done a take on the “most dangerous game” trope.

    Sorta wonder about this trend.

    1. It’s more like the author is thinking “what type of people would the readers be happy for Reacher to kill, and what story can I weave around that?” ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I am an 80 year old woman who is in love with Reacher! Read all the books (except new one) sometimes twice, thrice. I have now decided to keep all his books that I find just to have my own library. What I am perplexed about now is why his brother, Joe, had to die? I remember when Joe killed some woman (not sure which book…see, that’s why you have to go back and re-read) but I can’t remember why he had to die. Did he die in “Small Wars?” Oh, yeah, Tom Cruise…saw the movie, hated the casting!

    1. Joe Reacher was investigating counterfeiters.
      That’s how he got killed, snooping around. I think it was Killing Floor? Not sure.

      Love the back story about his mother’s activities during WWII in France.


  19. (minor spolier alert!)

    Hi Judy,

    In “Small Wars”, Joe had to execute a lady officer who was selling secrets.Jack was investigating the murder, & he worked out that the assassin was his brother, but didn’t tell.
    Joe was killed in the book “Killing Floor”, while working (without back-up) on a case for the Treasury.
    Joe turns up in another story, which covers earlier events in his & Jack’s life. (IIRC, they met up for their mother’s funeral?).

    Read the new one (twice, thrice ๐Ÿ™‚ ) as soon as you can – more on Reacher’s family! I think that Reacher didn’t actually kill anyone in this book!



  20. Hi. I’ve only read 19 books so far, and watched the first movie several times, although Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Three more books on the way…. I hope never to read them all. What a shame that would be!
    Looking for a forum to share comments. Lee Child’s brain should be bronzed! Where does he even come up with such varied ideas? Nothing is derivative, predictable or formulaic.
    Gail, Los Angeles CA

    1. Hi Gail,
      Concerning Lee Child’s varied ideas: “Night School” is my favorite, so far. I’ve just read the short story “The Fourth Man”, which links to an incident in “Night School”.
      Don’t worry about finishing all the books – just read them again!
      I must have read “Personal”, “The Midnight Line” & “Make Me” at least 3 times. It helps pass the time until November ๐Ÿ™‚



  21. I discovered Jack Reacher books in January 2019 when I read “Never Go Back”. I was hooked instantly and subsequently purchased every single book (hardcover) Lee Child wrote about this extraordinary character. Have read in chronological order and just finished “One Shot”. “Blue Moon” due out October 2019 I have on order. I do hope that any movies/TV cast an appropriate actor as Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Please give the dedicated and loyal fans a person that emulates Jack as he was intended.

  22. Here is a more or less fun question…
    Since Reacher is spending his time acquainting himself with the US by traveling around, well under the radar.

    Has anyone re-traced any of Reacher’s paths in the cities?
    I live in Manhattan, where Lee Childs lives and a number of the books and several short stories are set.

    My favorite is the setting of “The Picture of The Lonely Diner” written for MANHATTAN MAYHEM. DB and I pass PRECISELY by that exact area most Saturdays on our way to the Lincoln Tunnel.

    We pass nearby a number of the places mentioned in THE HARD WAY.

    Over to you folks…

    1. Hi Bill,

      A European’s viewpoint: I’m reading “Personal”, so I guess I could visit Paris to see where the initial action took place. Maybe skip a look at the Pรจre Lachaise cemetery :-). I know where Romford is, as I worked in Essex 40-odd years ago.
      “Night School”: I looked at Hamburg with Google Earth, but could not overlay the story exactly.

      It’s interesting to see/read about places you know in films & books.
      For example, a lot of the action in “The Expatriate” takes place in Antwerp & Brussels (my back yard!), so that added to the experience.



  23. I have read them all (almost) but skipped One Shot as the movie was based on it. Do you think I should read it anyway? Thanks for the heads up on Blue Moon. Last title I have unread is Midnight Line… then I’m hunting for everything else I might have missed, including collections. YES! Please no Tom Cruise..he owns United Artists… still no excuse for giving us Reacher fans a poor version of the man.
    BTW, Reacher was rinsing out a shirt in the movie… the real Reacher would never do that, but buy another.

    1. I haven’t seen the movie “One Shot” but the book is excellent as usual. My advice?, read it. I will not watch any movies with Tom Cruise as Reacher as it irks me that artistic license failed miserably when he was chosen. While I have no idea of his height, Steve Burton who currently plays Jason Morgan on the daytime drama General Hospital, fits the look in my humble opinion.

  24. It’s been so difficult to get the Cruise image out of my mind as I read… I started with that movie first then discovered the books.

    I can’t insert photos here, so please look up the Swedish actor Rolf Lassgard. He’s probably too old for the part now, but the face, slightly craggy and not that handsome, and build fit my personal image of Reacher.

  25. Open question to the group:

    Has anyone read a Jack Reacher style novel not written by Lee Child? Or a book about Jack Reacher by another author? There are several out there….
    Any comments or recommendations?

  26. Hi Gail,

    David Baldacci’s John Puller is Reacher with credentials, i.e. still employed by the army, & his “Divine Justice” is so much in the Reacher style that we see a David Baldacci as a bad guy in “Never Go Back”, & a dumb cop called Puller in another (
    One “Puller” story was enough for me, & I read only a couple of Diane Capri’s “Hunt for JR” series, as the people were getting nowhere.
    Maybe Lee Child gets royalties from other authors if they mention JR.

    OTOH, Baldacci’s “Last Man Standing” was excellent. I bought it twice, having left the first copy on a plane before it was finished!



  27. Greetings, Dick
    Excellent! Just the info I was hoping for, from a savvy source. Waiting to be read here is Midnight Line and Past Tense..I slowed down as I’m nearing the end of available new titles.
    Also got Reacher’s Rules…and the complete short stories is on the way. The day I watched the first movie was life changing, although hesitant to read One Shot. I guess I’ll have to anyway to get my badge.

    Thanks much,

  28. Hi Gail,

    I wondered why wouldn’t someone want to read “One Shot”, so I got it on my Kindle (the hard copy was given away a while ago. I’m at the point where Reacher has won the first fight).
    When reading the story, in my mind’s eye, I see JR (as described) doing all the action, not Tom Cruise. I suggest you give the book a try!

    It will be interesting to see who gets the role in the next film (or in the TV series).



    1. Right then…. good for you being able to wash Cruise from your mind..always the rub when seeing the movie first.. come to think of it,
      more fun to follow a fight in my own real time, instead of rewinding to watch it again and again. I’ll read the book.

      <<<Loyal fan,

  29. Alrighty then…. finished Midnight Line and must say it is one of my faves of all. Can’t say why, just had a good feeling about the terrain and characters… but I was disappointed when the story ended leaving the bad guy thumping around inside the dryer, and the female detective still handcuffed to a chair. Lee usually ties up all loose ends nicely. I was left to assume the disfigured Major went on to recovery.
    Epilogues would be welcome.

    Now reading Past Tense… ominous from the start.
    I think this will be gripping but edgy. I have No Middle Name, collection of short stories to savor slowly, and purchased Jack Reacher’s Rules.. a nice adjunct and collection of his best quotes.

    When in doubt, turn left.

  30. Hey fans… Finished all but One Shot which will be in my next order. Then I’ll be 100%.
    Thanks Dick-san for the other authors.

    Great site for used paperbacks et al, in excellent condition at great prices….. Spend $10 and get free shipping. Fast, accurate delivery.
    Wonder what Reacher would think about Scientology?

  31. Hi Gail,

    For an idea of Reacher’s views on extreme religion, see “Nothing to Lose” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Isn’t TC involved with Scientology?



  32. Hi Dick: Yes, TC is really into Scientology which brought him down several pegs from what was already my pretty low rating. But he can’t be that dumb because he owns United Artists, or at least has control, enough to star in a film for which he was clearly not suited… that’s ego I guess.

    I Read Nothing to Lose but I’ll revisit it. One Shot is next then Travis McGee, here I come!

  33. Hi,

    Blue Moon: a comment on a grammar thing: “Behind the bar was a fat guy with a four-day beard and a towel slung over his shoulder, like a badge of office”.
    I would have put the comma in place of the “and”. Think about it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Epilogue: what happened to Trulenko’s side-kick?

    Another 5-star story.

  34. As a long time fan of “Jack Reacher” and have read every book published to date, I am surprised to report that I did not like “Blue Moon”. The bloodbath dragged on and on throughout the story line and it required much effort on my part to even read the story. I usually devour each new edition and can’t put them down however this one not so much. Very sad to even give this disappointing review.

  35. Hi Sheldon: ย ย ย  I have been away from this site while I waited for the book to come out . I received it as a gift for Halloween and soon will savor it.
    Being a natural born proof reader and fussy about grammar….I would notice things like this.ย ย  Thanks for sharing.ย  I’ll comment later.ย ย  With the high volume of titles, Lee has kept the flaws to a few.

  36. Hi,
    It’s been a while with no news. I hope everyone is keeping safe & well.
    The lockdown here seems to be having an effect at last.

    I have just pre-ordered “Sentinel”, co-authored by Lee’s brother Andrew.
    When I heard about Andrew taking over, I read all his stuff – all very good, altho “Run!” (his first?) I found a bit chaotic & heavy on descriptions.



  37. Hello all. It’s been a while since I posted here. Last I remember I was waiting for Blue Moon. My sister gifted me with it for Halloween, hard copy. I was sorely disappointed. It felt derivative, rushed…and pretty bland over all. Not one of his best IMHO. Thanks for the info about his brother? Was he channeling James Fennimore Cooper? LOL…I’ll look into other items Lee has contributed to…to be honest, day to day survival here in West Los Angeles (with my three cats) has been too stressful and time consuming… extra cleaning, disinfecting and foraging…to relax and concentrate on a book. And I have stacks waiting. Open to any and all suggestions of other titles and authors…
    preferably some forensics and highly, creative body count.

    Love and prayers to you all.
    P.S. The coffee is good this morning, strong and black.

  38. Hi from Belgium!

    Concerning Andrew Grant/Child co-authoring the next JR story:
    when reading Anrew Grant’s “Too Close to Home”, there was a passage which made me laugh:
    “(he was) reading a thriller about an ex-MP who had left the service and become a wandering vigilante. It was the third one he’d gone through in a week. I was starting to think I should try the series myself”.



  39. Have a question. Jack gets demoted to Captain in “The Enemy” but in the next novel “Night School” he’s still a major. And in “The Affair” when he leaves the army he’s also a major.

  40. Hi Suann,

    Someone has to work out how JR’s career fits the books (or vice versa)!
    E.g. “Night School” happens in 1999, as far as I can work out (discussion of Y2K bug).



  41. Hey guys I want to get started reading but I canโ€™t find any of these god damn books ! I watch a movie with legendary actor Tom cruise but now I know other book help me for christs sake !

  42. Hey guys this request is time sensitive , if I donโ€™t read at least one of these god damn books Iโ€™m gonna loose my marbles ! Someone let me know where can I has buy these books dude Iโ€™m serious

  43. Hey guys , what do you think it will take to bring back legendary actor Tom cruise ? Maybe the complete failure of the tv show. I say we as members of the 100% club take a knee and say nay nay to the new show. Then post on twitter how we demand Tom cruise back , then ? We will see the proper jack reacher leap back into our screens and hearts as well as into the pages of some more of these god damn books I canโ€™t find can anybody locate them I canโ€™t find a dang one where are they help ! ?

  44. I’ve read all the books in published order and chronological order too. Even the short stories.
    They make more sense if read in chronological order and its easier to understand references to his army life too (well it did for me)

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